Selling on the web… really not that difficult

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With the right logistic partner , selling on internet becomes easy. Every day we try to imagine what your next challenge tomorrow will be.  Since day one, our mission has been to allow our customers to focus on their core business thanks to our supply chain expertise. In other words, we free them from the constraints of logisticstransport and e-commerce.

Our methods come from the industry. Our innovative equipment and our advanced IT skills allow us to support our customers’ great growth prospects. We provide intelligent domestic and crossborder e-commerce fulfilment delivery and return solutions.

The EWL / C-LOG setup offers a reliable and integrated logisitic one-stop-shop service with a particular emphasis on customer experience.

Our goal is to reduce the complexity of operational, logistical and administrative aspects inherent to e-business so that our customers can focus on their core activities and avoid unnecessary stress.

We offer :

  • 130.000 m² of warehouses in Europe and Asia.
  • Stock optimization
  • RFID – logistics and retail optimization
  • Hub – inspection concept and quality
  • Prepacking – direct to store delivery
  • BtoB and BtoC deliveries
  • E-commerce logistics
  • Reverse logistics
  • Real time visibility
  • Data management
  • Invoice and credit control


Whether you are a successful fashion retail, important FMCG company but with limited e-commerce experience or a small online retailer starting your first webshop.  In each of these scenarios, our expertise and proven track record will help to cope with the ever evolving and increasing demands of your e-costumers.

More information about C-LOG : www.c-log.fr

More information about Beaumanoir group : https://www.groupe-beaumanoir.com/en/home/